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What to Expect at Your Massage

29 October 2020

I take it for granted that everyone has had a massage or has experience with someone who has had one. I guess it’s the best kept secret that people don’t talk about with one another.

All registered massage therapists must tell you about their plan for your massage. They need to ask you if you are ok with that plan and if you have any questions. They must ask you if there is somewhere you don’t want massaged too.

All massage therapists must inform you about your rights when getting a massage.

It’s YOUR MASSAGE, and you decide how much or how little you want to wear during the massage. The more access to tissue I have, the better job I can do, BUT, I’m aware that YOUR comfort comes first.

Want to wear your shirt and shorts- OK!
Want to keep your bra on-OK!
Want to take it all off-OK!

Most massages start off face down. It’s best if your arms are by your side, and not hanging off the table. Masks make tummy lying a bit difficult. Some massage therapists have made a mask out of the headrest covering to make it easier for you to be comfortable.

When you turn on the table there are three steps

  1. come down the table out of the headrest
  2. turn with your back to your therapist, who will be tenting the sheet and looking away, to help you turn under the sheet.
  3. move down the table until the pillow is now under your knees.

This method keeps you secure and safe when turning.

Other “Good-to-know” information

  • tummy growls are common and a sign of a well massaged client, when lying on your back.
  • crossing your legs at the ankles, changes how your spine and hips sit. Keeping your legs uncrossed let’s me have a better idea what’s happening with your bone structure.
  • burping or tooting happens. We’ve heard it all and we aren’t embarrassed when it happens, we hope you’re not either.
  • you can say NO!

If you’re not liking something we are doing, say something! It’s not personal and it’s your massage. You’re in complete control.

  • do your homework. If we tell you some exercises to do at home, it’s so that you don’t need to come see us so often. We don’t want lifers, we want to see you mend and move on. BUT come back or refer us when someone or something comes up.
  • tips are NOT expected. The absolute best tip is a referral. Leave it on our website or Facebook page. These mean the world to us. Take a business card and hand it out to someone you think would benefit from a massage.
  • we don’t care if your legs are shaved.
  • all glutes need a massage. If you consent to a glute massage, you’ll get this point
  • massage does not need to hurt to be effective. Deep tissue doesn’t equal painful. Pain makes you guard against our pressure, making your bruised. That’s not effective.

If you have any questions please let me know and I’ll answer them.


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.