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Move Your Mouse Challenge

20 November 2020

Walk into any massage therapy or physio clinic and you’ll see clients with upper back discomfort and shoulder pain.  Many clients will tell us that they carry all their stress in their shoulders. 

I offer the solution of massage and advice.  

And a challenge…

Today, when you sit down at your computer, take your mouse and move it to the left hand.

If you think my suggestion is crazy, ask a left handed person which hand they use.  Our bodies crave balance.  Right handed people under utilize our left hand.  When we eat, drive, write, read a book, or perform manual tasks, our left side sits idle or is the heavy lifter, holding items stationary, while the right hand does all the work.  

Besides body balance, left hand mousing has some profound positives :

  1. Your left hand needs more to do.  When we distribute the work, we prevent repetitive strain injuries. RSI are the number one non-impact injury suffered by desk workers.  They are also completely preventable.  
  2. The left hand mouse is closer to the center of the keyboard.  Try this.  You reach further when you use your right side.  This means your shoulders on BOTH sides are more relaxed.  This also improves wrist posture, reducing the pressure on the carpal tunnel.
  3. Left hand mousing frees up space on the right side of your desk. With space for a notepad, your writing hand is therefore free to write.
  4. No one will want to sit at your workspace.  When you are ergonomically correct, you’ll find fewer and fewer people will want to sit in your space.  A clearly winning strategy.
  5. Finally, the brain challenge is good for you.  You may even begin to challenge yourself to left handed tasks more often.  Try brushing your teeth, combing your hair, or using your folk with your left hand.

Are you ready to try?


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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.